Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Haayo-Mediatic project : Call for Papers

This project is being implemented notably in partnership of the Mediatic project www.panos-ao.org/mediatic of PIWA. The Haayo-Mediatic project will be implemented for one year first, as an experimental initiative.

The aims of the project are to:

1. consolidate the works of media reporting in West Africa
2. consolidate the role of medias as an enabler of good governance
for the advent of open and developed societies in West Africa
3. bringing into limelight some of the issues, constraints,
difficulties and solutions that exist for ICT and medias issues in
West Africa
4. bringing into limelight community and innovative media and ICT news
5. enhance the sharing of good practices and experiences in the media
and ICT sectors

So the portal that will be launched soon will be dedicated to (1) media and ICTs and (2) innovative uses ICT in communities (rural, peri-urban mainly).

In order to populate regularly the website and to contribute to the animation of the network that we are thus trying to reinforce, we will order articles *_monthly _*_or* bimonthly*_ on the 2 main issues covered by the project. Articles ordered and selected will be rewarded. *BUT* this is not the only means by which the website will be populated. *We also encourage you to propose articles to be published on the website pro bono, on a voluntary basis*, anytime that you can. Your commitment in the project will be recognized one way or the other.


We have the pleasure to launch this first call for articles that will be published on the website www.haayo.com (new website under construction). For this first call for articles, the theme
is: "*Innovative use of ICTs in rural areas*". This first call is restricted to you who participated in the J'burg meeting and to other few selected journalists.

Therefore, could you please send one or two new article(s) that should contain between 5, 000 and 6, 000 characters/letters on this theme ("*Innovative use of ICTs in rural areas*")? Your articles must be sent by electronic mail to klohento@panos-ao.org and to contact@cipaco.org no later than 4 September, 2006. Each selected article will be granted FCFA 50,000 (about USD 100, the reference currency being F CFA). Your article should be original (not already published).

This is the first of a series of calls for articles that will frequently (on a monthly or bi-monthly basis) be issued so that to update this site and to promote Media production on the above mentioned issues.

For more information, please send an electronic message to atounkara@panos-ao.org or klohento@panos-ao.org .

Ken Lohento

ICT program Coordinator



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