Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Highway Africa conference on the move

The 10th Highway Africa Conference for journalists opened in Grahamstwon , South Africa on Monday with both resource persons and participants expressing high expectations to access quality information and tools for application in their professions.
Amongst the major highlights of the 10th edition of the conference which brought together about 500 journalists is the development of a statement to be released next year to coincide with Ghana’s Golden Jubilee.

Highway Africa Director Chris Kabwato explained that Ghana 's independence in 1957 remained in the African consciousness for its deep symbolism - the break with a brutal colonial past and the birth of a new Africa .

“But for 50 years since then our continent has had a chequered history. We remain with fond memories of the vision of Kwame Nkrumah and the possibility of a different kind of Africa.

“Because we are media professionals, as we celebrate with Ghana and all Africa, we wish to take stock of the fate and fortunes of the Fourth Estate in Africa. Where have we come from? Where are we now? What do we aspire for? The declaration will attempt to answer these 3 questions.”

Highway Africa is an annual ICT conference hosted by the Rhodes University in Grahamstown , South Africa .

Among other programmes such as training and workshops, the conference each year aims to discuss issues discuss that relate to Internet governance, ICT policy and media for democracy.

This year’s conference is on the theme “Celebrations, Reflections and Future Directions” and is sponsored by the South African Broadcasting Corporation SABC), the Absa Bank and the South African Department of Communications among others organisations


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