Sunday, October 15, 2006

TOOLS OF OUR TRADE : Campware - free software for a free press

See the following tools you can make use of in your news room
1. Campsite – Open source newspaper/magazine software for web publishing
2. Campcaster - A free and open source automation system for radio stations
3. Cream - A free, open-source Customer Relations Management (CRM) for media organizations
4. Dream - A distribution management system for print publications

Campsite -
Open Source Newspaper/Magazine Software for Web Publishing
Campsite is a web publishing system that can bring your newspaper or magazine content to the online world. It is often used by media organizations who also have a printed version of their publication, and enables them to increase their revenues with online subscriptions and ads. There are many systems that might seem similar to Campsite, but it is the only open-source system designed to work in the same style of newspapers and magazines - for example, with multiple journalists, editor review, issue publishing, and subscription management.

Here are a few of its main features:
1. Journalist/user-friendly. The interface is made to be simple and require as few clicks as possible to get the job done.
2. Supports multi-lingual content. This means you can publish your articles in multiple languages at once - for example, have the same article in English, French, and Spanish. All content in Campsite can be translated.
3. Content management designed for newspapers: issue publishing, exclusive content for subscribers, multi-media content, content categories, subscriber comments, WYSIWYG editor, article locking (so only one journalist can work on an article at a time), and timed release of articles or issues.
4. Subscription management with fine-grain control over what content your subscribers have access to.
5. Total design freedom over the look and layout of your site. Campsite does not impose any sort of predefined "block" layout to the structure of your site.
A free and open source automation system for radio stations
Campcaster is the first free and open radio management software that provides live studio broadcast capabilities as well as remote automation in one integrated system.
A free, open-source CRM for media organizations
Cream is a multilingual customer relationship management (CRM) system for media organizations that features powerful modules for sales automation, customer service, subscription management, incoming and outgoing email, template-based HTML newsletters, and a WYSIWYG editor.
A distribution management system for print publications
Dream is a powerful and user-friendly system for tracking print distribution and circulation. It uses many principles from customer relationship management (CRM) systems, but in a way specific to print publishers

To download your free copy of campsite go to

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