Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Deadline is now : Global online course in ICT Journalism

Global Online Course in ICT Journalism (April 20 to July 20 2007)

After successfully pioneering an online course in ICT Journalism in 2006, The International Institute for Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Journalism Penplusbytes is pleased to announce a three month (April 20th to July 20th 2007) online training opportunity for journalists in the area of ICT Journalism. Participants will be exposed to the wider context of ICTs assisted journalism including its history, how these technologies are impacting on the world of journalism, how ICT can be used in producing stories and how to manage change process in using innovative ICT tools.

Course Description and Goals: This course teaches the theory and concept of ICTs journalism; the impact of ICTs on Journalism and how to increase excellence in journalism using ICTs as a tool.

At the end of the course, the participants will learn four main set of skills:
You will learn and understand broad spectrum of ICTs tools available for journalism
You will learn how to research and publish content online
You will learn that despite that the proliferation of technology for journalism the fundamental principles of journalism still apply.
You will learn how to use a selection of ICT tools for journalism

Prerequisites: This course does not have any special prerequisites though participants will need to have basic computer skills such sending and receiving mails, managing files and browsing the Internet. The course assumes participants are practicing journalists who have mastered journalism skills.

Class Meeting: Participants are expected to meet online via group discussion weekly, it is expected that a participants must devote at least five hours per week online.

Course Content
-Introduction to ICT Journalism concept, theory and definition
-ICT tools for Journalism web 2.0/3.0, wikis, blogs, podcasting, online collaborative tools, newsroom content management system and publishing platforms
-The role of information and knowledge management in the newsroom
-Specialization in ICT Journalism
-Online Research
-Business Models of Online Journalism
-Future of ICT Journalism

Participants will be provided with regular resources during the duration of the course, these resources will available mostly online or via CD ROM.
Grading: Participants are expected to undertake weekly assignment, participate in online discussion, make use of ICT tools and produce a final project work to be published on penplusbytes website.

All participants who fully successfully complete the course and would be awarded a certificate.

Application forms can be downloaded at www.tinyurl.com/oqjvs
Email completed form and statement to: info@penplusbytes.net

Closing date for receipt of application and statement is 20th March 2007. Notification of acceptance: 2nd April 2007

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