Monday, December 31, 2007

The Miami Herald to outsource some copyediting, ad work to India

MIAMI - The Miami Herald is outsourcing copyediting of a weekly
community news section and some advertising production work to India,
a newspaper editor said Friday.

Starting in January, copyediting and design in a weekly section of
Broward County community news and other special advertising sections
will be outsourced to Mindworks, based in New Delhi.

The project remains in the testing phase, so it was unclear if or how
jobs in south Florida will be affected, executive editor Anders
Gyllenhaal said.

Mindworks will also monitor reader comments posted to online stories, he said.

Earlier this month, The Sacramento Bee, also owned by the McClatchy
Co., said it would outsource some of its advertising production work
to India.

In May, news website,, was widely criticized after
editors hired two reporters in India to cover the Los Angeles suburb.

Information from: The Miami Herald,

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