Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Africa Media and Broadcasting Congress 2008

Africa Media and Broadcasting Congress 2008 - The conference will tackle strategic issues within the broadcasting community to process management strategies and provide a platform for networking and doing business  

Our themes for 2008 are:

  • The transformational role of new media. Detailing the potential to disrupt or sustain the business models of established media platforms.
  • Regulatory opportunities and threats to the multimedia revolutions
  • The future of print media and radio in a digital era
  • The future of television advertising in South Africa. Commercial prospects and implications of private free-to-air broadcasting, on-demand media and interactive search and advertising
  • Preparing Africa for the broadband revolution
  • Cutting edge technology solutions: wireless & mobile
  • Creating a unique and compelling customer experience 
  • Achieving a digital economy in Africa
New Mobile Content Day will focus on:
  • Creating value with mobile content – where are the real opportunities
  • Mobile media innovation
  • Developing customer value through mobile communication
  • Mobile Content platforms and technology 
  • Marketing Mobile Content 
  • Regulatory issues surrounding Mobile content

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