Monday, March 30, 2009

low bandwidth blogging platform - MANENO

In Swahili, 'maneno' means 'words'.
Words form the core of everything important to Maneno; a site completely built from the ground-up to be a blogging and communication platform to meet the needs of the Sub-Saharan blogger and writer.

    But why yet another blogging system when there are so many already? Of the total number of users on the internet, only 1% are from Africa and of that amount, even fewer are bloggers. Maneno works to overcome what other systems see as nuisances, coverting them in to the foundation of a powerful content delivery system for Sub-Saharan Africa.

    Initially based upon a lightweight framework created and personally used by the founders, Maneno was founded in 2008. It allows those with limited or narrow-bandwidth internet to use a system that is lightweight and straightforward in functionality. But while being fast to access, Maneno is also a system that is full-featured and allows those who join the ability to have their own, personalized space upon it, writing in as unrestricted a manner as they see fit.

    On a continent with over 2,000 languages, cross-communication is an issue that is often forgotten about. Maneno is a system where multiple language versions for articles can sit atop one another for immediate access. The interface for the site is also translated in to as many languages as possible to remove linguistic barriers that are being seen more and more in a growingly Anglophonic web.

    While constantly building upon these cornerstones, Maneno strives to be a continually free system that aggregates and promotes the content within it so that those using it aren't just writing in a vacuum, but for an audience.

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