Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Eworld Magazine Makes Debut Next Week

The bugeoning ICT magazine publication industry is set to welcome a new addition into its fold as the monthly edition of eWorld magazine enters the market next week.
 It will be presented during the conferment of Distinguished OAU Alumni Award to over 10 of the University's Alumni, who are leading ICT development in Nigeria ceremony, which comes at the Abori and Mazonia suites of the Eko Hotels on August 26, 2009 This time, it is coming from the stable of Ajomedia Publications managed by Nigeria's pioneer's ICT journalist, Aaron Ukodie, who last week dropped his position as Daily Independent's Deputy Business Editor and IT Editor to reawaken his publishing business which started in 1991. He, however, still contribute to Daily Independent as IT Consultant.

Ukodie has a lot of ICT publications and books to his name among which are 'Phones 4 All, ICONs of ICT in Nigeria 1. The second edition of ICONs of ICT in Nigeria was published last month. He is also the author of Ndukwe &Telecom Regulation: A Walk in Tandem. A second book titled The Story of NITEL-Architypal Government Agency In Comatose is on its way to the press.
Ukodie is not new to the magazine publishing turf as he pioneered Nigeria's first ICT magazine known then as Communication in 1992 at a time when only NITEL, the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) then at its infancy and NIPOST with a few active telcommunications systems suppliers and contractors where players in the market.

"Liberalisation in the ICT sector has opened the market to the entry of several companies which are driving developments in the sector", he says.

"Competition continues to be fostered coming with it services quality and a bouquet of product offerings. In the like manner ICT journalism has blossomed coming in its wake numerous journals and specialised pages that are focusing on the sector.

Ukodie added that in an environment where market forces reign and there is transparent and open field the coming of more publications makes competition merrier and ultimately for the good of readers who must make their choices from a variety of offers.

eWorld will celebrate ICT drivers; people, products and issues that are driving the market at any point in time in a more refreshing manner , thus filling a vacuum not adequately covered by existing publications.

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