Saturday, September 12, 2009

New partnership for Al Jazeera Network and A24 Media

 African online news agency A24 Media will now feature and sell Al Jazeera content via its site, as part of a new partnership with the international television network.

A24 Media, which launched at the end of 2008, sells African video content around the world, with its contributors receiving a 60 per cent cut and retaining copyright. Its editorial board includes Reuters' head of global multimedia and a former head of ABC News in Australia.

With the new deal, will feature African documentaries from Al Jazeera that can be bought via the site. Al Jazeera can also use A24 material for programmes on the channel.

"This partnership with A24 Media is important for us as it enables us to extend the reach of our African content from both Al Jazeera English and the Al Jazeera Arabic Channel to new audiences throughout and beyond the continent," said Phil Lawrie, director of global distribution at Al Jazeera Network, in a press release.

"This partnership with an organisation of the calibre of Al Jazeera represents a powerful endorsement of our vision to make A24 Media the continent's leading online multimedia news and programmes service and a trusted source for people seeking quality African output produced by local journalists," added the CEO of A24 Media, Asif Sheikh.

A24, is 'an agency but with a bit of a twist' said founder Salim Amin at the time of its launch in September 2008: "We try to ensure that the African journalist keeps copyright and continues to make revenue."

Amin, who is also A24 Media's chairman and son of famous photojournalist Mohamed, or Mo, Amin, will speak at the Frontline Club in London on September 28 after a screening of a film about his father's life.

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