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Successful Women in Online Journalism Interview Series

Successful Women in Online Journalism Interview Series

university of iowa students
Seated (Row 1): Alexandria Havlick, Margaret Peters, Nawaar Farooq, Nicole Lumbreras, Genevieve Krier, and Kara Barten. Middle Row (Row 2): Alissa Wanless, Catherine Dix, Ashley Keifer, Ashton Shurson, Melissa Darden, Brigette Fanning, Tara Dunlay, Kristin Lutz, and Nicole Petrancosta. Standing (Row 3): Alexandra Schroeder, Brianna Runyan, Lauren McGrath, Dalicia Xayasouk, Alicia Sieverding, Kelly Murphy, Joelle Coons, and Kaylena Jensen. Students missing in pic: Kendra Cook, Dana Davidsen, Devin Grask, and Katelynn Henderson. (Picture by Richard Johns, adjunct faculty member.)


In Fall 2009, students from the University of Iowa's Gender and Mass Media class interviewed successful women in online journalism. The interviews are listed below as well as featured in an OurBlook online book, which includes an introduction by class professor and former director of the School of Journalism and Mass Communication, Pamela Creedon, and Virginia Commonwealth University professor and former reporter, June Nicholson. The goal of the interview series is to familiarize the students with the challenges women in online communications face, as well as what made them successful.


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1 Amira Al Hussaini, Managing Editor of Bahrain Telegraph
2 Antonia Fernanda Lima Onofre, Journalist at Various Outlets in Angola
3 Denise Polverine, Editor-in-Chief,
4 Dorothy Ray, Creator and Host of The Dottie Ray Show
5 Holly Edgell, Executive Producer at KOMU 8 and
6 Jacky Myint, Interactive Designer for MediaStorm
7 Jen Lee Reeves, Professor and Techie Nerd
8 Jennifer Sizemore, Vice President and Editor-in-Chief of and Executive Producer of NBC News
9 Jennifer Sturm, Online Content Producer, Savannah Morning News
10 Jody Brannon, Writer, National Director of Carnegie-Knight News21 Initiative, Arizona State University
11 Julia Wasson, Publisher of
12 Juliana Rincon, Blogger
13 Karthika Muthukumaraswamy, Freelance Journalist
14 Kayla Craig, Staff Writer at Meredith Corporation
15 Kim Bolan, Award-Winning Investigative Reporter, Vancouver Sun
16 Kirsten Miller, Senior Web Producer and Interactive Manager for Fox Chicago News
17 Lisa Weaver, Journalism Professor and Former CNN Correspondent
18 Luan Peszek, Publications Director at USA Gymnastics
19 Mary Schmitt Boyer, Award-Winning Sportswriter
20 Melanie Sommer, Online News Editor for Minnesota Public Radio
21 Melissa Sweet, Freelance Journalist
22 Morra Aarons-Mele, Founder, Women and Work
23 Pam Johnson, Director of the School of Journalism and Broadcasting at Western Kentucky University
24 Rachel Dissell, Journalist at The Plain Dealer
25 Sana Saleem, Journalist and Blogger
26 Sandra Ordonez, Interactive Communications and Collaboration Consultant
27 Sarah Seltzer, Freelance Journalist and Book Critic
28 Shayla Thiel-Stern, Professor, Author, and Journalist
29 Veronica Khokhlova, Freelance writer
30 Wanda Lloyd, Executive Editor of the Montgomery Advertiser and

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