Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ghana to Host focuss info initiative workshop on the use of information sharing and collaboration tools

On Thursday 28th January, Kwami Ahiabenu II will facilitate a Focuss.Info workshop in Ghana at the Institute for Scientific and Technological Information (INSTI) of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, Accra which is based on an award granted by the Focuss.Info Initiative. The workshop is expected to be attended by a cross session of professionals from academia, research, NGOs and Information and Communication Technologies sector.

After a successful Focuss.Info workshop in South Africa, this will become the second workshop in which a local workshop facilitator in Africa, Asia or South America aims at
promoting new information and communication (ICT) skills among peers in the domain of global development research and cooperation.
As a result, the Initiative improves access to information, a fundamental right that strengthens democracy, and supports human rights. The objective of Focuss.Info also correspondents to the work of UNESCO, which helps to develop effective 'infostructures', including developing information standards, management tools and fostering access at the community level.

The workshop will emphasize on social bookmarking as a key tool for information sharing and collaboration. This is important, because the search engine incorporated in is only harvesting and indexing the websites that have been selected as value and stored in social bookmarking accounts (such as by peers in global development cooperation.

The workshop content will be uploaded as a dairy to a weblog located on the website of Focuss.Info - by clicking on 'Focuss Workshops' and 'Kwami Ahiabenu'. Based on this
interaction, the workshop is enriched with more information from the readers of the workshop weblog and also shows and tells how the local community can use social bookmarking as an online information sharing and collaboration tool.

Please keep visiting and following the workshop of the Focuss.Info Intiative in Ghana or other workshop facilitators.

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