Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Call for Papers : The Africa Media & Democracy Conference 18th -20th AUGUST 2010: Accra Ghana

THE ACCRA CONFERENCE 18th -20th AUGUST 2010: The Africa Media & Democracy Conference invites papers for its annual Africa Media and Democracy Conference, to be held from 18th -20th August 2010, Accra – Ghana. The theme for the Conference is: "Mediating Democracy in Africa". 


BACKGROUND: Recent developments of the growing influence of the media in Africa's fledgling democracies in particular radio and television in monitoring, pollstering, 'nuancing' election results ahead of the Electoral Commissioner, has been contested by politicians, constitutional experts and media practitioners. The Conference aims to address and examine among others the location of such media practices, their constitutional legitimacy and their relevance to freedom of information in a democratic dispensation. It will seek to address media practises such as the 'announcing of elections results' ahead of an Electoral Commission or the 'deployment of Press Conferences' by political parties as political posturing during voting and ballot counting period of an election.  The conference will provide context for comparison, dialogue and analysis between media practices situated in different cultural-political environment. When does 'announcing' becomes 'endorsement' of a particular political party contesting a democratic election? What is the impact on the electorate of such early announcements of election results from electoral constituencies? What are implications for social and national cohesion of such practices in fiercely contested elections? what is the way forward? The event is open to academics, media industry professionals, government agencies, policymakers, regulators, UN agencies, donors, civil society organisations, independent consultants and research groups and students.


Papers are also invited on the following sub-themes listed below; submissions could be made from a range of issues in relation to democracy & media practices in Africa. It must address specific media practices in the context of democracy in Africa, such as the role of radio commercials as political communication tool in electioneering, the corrosive effects of partisan media practices in popular democracy or the role of the media in the concept of popular democracy etc.



Media, democracy and governance

Media, ethnic identity and democracy

Media ownership, democracy and governance

Media, concept citizenry and democracy

Media and the concept 'good of governance'

Media and political communication

Media, political rhetoric's and political violence  

Media and coupe d'états

Media reportage and democracy

Media, democracy and political education

Media, democracy and traditional governance

Media , political activism and governance 

Media, conflict and crises management

New Media and democracy

Media, democracy and aid  

Media Law and regulation

Media, Gender and democratization

Media, Democracy and Human Rights

Community media and democracy

Media and Ethics

Media and African centeredness

Digital media and the renewal of local democracy

Media and cultural politics

New Media and the renewal of local democracy

New media, democratic theory and public sphere 

'Development Democracy' and the media


In addition to those listed above the organisers will consider other relevant sub-themes from contributors. 




ABSTRACTS & PAPERS: Please email abstracts (maximum one page) along with contact information and a 500-word bio to:  info@amdmc.org


All Abstracts must be in English, full papers may be submitted in either English or French.

·      Deadline for receipt of abstracts: 30th April 2010

·      Notice of acceptance of abstracts: 5th May 2010

·      Deadline for receipt of full papers: 30th May 2010


For furtherinformation and other enquiries please contact Conference Team.


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