Thursday, April 08, 2010


At a recent meeting held by the board members of The International Institute for Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) Journalism (PenPlusBytes), Dr. Kwabena Riverson was appointed as the new board chair for the Institute.

 Dr. Kwabena Riverson is an international research scientist with a leading research institute working as the team leader for the Enterprise & Institutional Repository and Digital Library Projects. Dr. Riverson, among his other roles, is currently working to forge international collaboration in Information Management Research projects. In addition to his chair at Penplusbytes, Dr. Riverson also sits on the Board of NTHC (USA) Ltd., and UIQ Services Ltd.

Dr. Riverson will be ably assisted by the other board members who are Ethan Zuckerman, USA ; Charity Binka, Ghana ;  Gregg Zachary, USA ;  Kwami Ahiabenu, Ghana ; Bryan Pearson, UK; Dan Gillmor, USA  and the secretary to the board is Andrew Kwesi Kafe, Ghana.

In accepting his new role as the Chairman of the Board, Dr. Riverson reiterated his commitment to ensure that "Penplusbytes achieve its vision of driving excellency in ICT journalism".

PenPlusBytes was established on the 18th July 2001 and over the nine years of its existence; the institution has grown into a large network of over 600 journalists in 35 countries across the globe. As a leader in developing ICT journalism and also to ensure its commitment to improve ICT journalism, Penpluspbytes undertakes both face-to-face and online training of journalist on cutting edge new media technologies and contemporary ICT issues. The organization also embarks on projects such as the African Elections Project (covered 10 elections in Africa), reporting Oil and Gas, Design Communication, New Media School, and other projects on governance and accountability issues.  


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