Monday, February 18, 2013

Penplusbytes Offers Training Opportunity for Journalists in Oil and Gas Reporting

International Institute of ICT Journalism (Penplusbytes) will be carrying out an extensive media capacity building programme for suitably qualified journalists from the Southern and Northern sectors of Ghana interested in oil and gas reporting.

The program, which begins in mid April 2013 will run for a period of 6 months and offer an extensive learning opportunity for 10 qualified journalists. The purpose of this training program is to improve coverage of oil and gas stories by the Ghanaian media leading to an increase in the quantity and quality (in terms of in-depth and investigative reporting) of oil and gas stories thus resulting in the media playing an effective watchdog role over Ghana’s Oil and Gas revenues and resources.

The training which forms part of  the “Empowering the media to play an active role over oil and gas revenue and resources” project being funded by STAR-Ghana, will comprise of workshops, interviews and informal ‘roundtables’, regular mentoring, field trips,  and debates with technical experts and journalists from Ghana.

Sandra Mills, Program Associate of Penplusbytes adds that “this training will be an interactive one which will involve reviews and assistance offered to trainees as they produce stories and explore the issues involved in reporting on extractives sector to better educate the general public and provide CSOs with the necessary information to effectively hold government accountable over the oil gas revenues and resources.” 

As a competitive process, places will be offered to reporters who make the strongest applications. Prospective applicants are requested to provide the following:

1. Provide examples of any stories or mp3’s related to the extractive industries you have written or broadcast (clearly showing your byline where applicable and date of publication)
2. A short biography - no more than 200 words
3. A brief statement explaining how deepening your understanding of oil and gas reporting will contribute to your professional development and that of your media house (200 words maximum)
4. Write a pitch for a story on extractives you would like to pursue – who would you interview and why, what would be the angle and focus of the story and how this relates to your audience
5 Contact information of your editor – telephone, email, postal and physical address
All applications regarding this program must be submitted before or on 4th March, 2013 via email to

PENPLUSBYTES  is a registered not for profit organization since 18th July 2001 with the vision of driving excellence in ICT journalism.

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