Friday, July 12, 2013

Open Journalism Workshop

ODAC is very proud to announce the launch of its latest free public resource: the Open Journalism Workshop. This has been completed with the generous funding of the Open Society Foundation. View the sister website at

The media environment in South Africa is not always conducive to investigative journalism. South Africa may have a free media, but the political environment presents many challenges in terms of accessing information – particularly information from the state. Within media houses, limited capacity and restrictive deadlines make it difficult to write stories that might require extensive, in-depth investigations.
In response, ODAC has launched this site as a resource for investigative journalists to help build their own capacity for reporting. It is an online workshop with three core modules:

  1. Open Data Journalism
  2. The Promotion of Access to Information Act
  3. The Protected Disclosures Act

Each module provides you with a different tool to assist your investigative journalism and accessing information. The site is very much an introduction to core concepts – and thus fairly simple in its content. Further, the structure is simple. Each module has a video lecture, an accompanying PowerPoint presentation, and several supplementary reading materials and videos. Each module ends with a short voluntary quiz which tests you on the core material.


International Institute for ICT Journalism

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