Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Innovation Prize for Africa

The Innovation Prize for Africa (IPA) – an initiative of the African Innovation Foundation – provides $150,000 USD to winners who develop African solutions to African challenges. The IPA is focused on identifying innovations in five key areas: 1) agriculture and agribusiness;
  2) environment, energy and water;
 3) health and well-being; 
 4) information & communication technology; 
and 5) manufacturing and service industry. 

Eligible innovations must be by Africans for Africa.  Africans in the Diaspora can also apply if their innovations are of significance for Africa. The innovation or associated business must be registered in Africa.
The IPA is more than a prize – it is a movement of African scientists, entrepreneurs, venture investors and policymakers who believe that the best way to sustain Africa's current economic growth is to scale up the good ideas that already exist on the continent.   

The deadline for applications for the Prize is 30 November 2013


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