Tuesday, January 28, 2014

MA in Social Media

The MA in Social Media offers a flexible interdisciplinary exploration of key contemporary developments in the networked digital media environment. It will benefit those seeking to develop their  understanding of contemporary communication and its societal, political, regulatory, industrial and cultural contexts.

The MA in Social Media provides students with the opportunity to focus at postgraduate level on:
* Studying the ways in which social media and the Internet shape and are shaped by social, economic, political, technological and cultural
factors, in order to equip students to become critical research-oriented  social media experts.
* Developing reflective and critical insights into how social media and the Internet are used in multiple contexts in society, and into which
roles social media can play in various forms of organisations that are situated in these societal contexts. The aim is that students are equipped to become reflective and critical social media practitioners.
* Gaining in-depth knowledge and understanding of the major debates about the social and cultural roles of social media and the Internet.
* Acquiring advanced knowledge and understanding of the key categories, theories, approaches and models of social media's and the Internet's
roles in and impacts on society and human practices.
* Obtaining advanced insights into practical activity and practice-based work that relate to how social media and the Internet work and which implications they have for social and cultural practices.

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