Tuesday, October 07, 2014


The International Institute of ICT Journalism, Penplusbytes, with support from the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) / Voice of America (VOA) W. Africa Office of Strategy and Development, implemented a capacity building strategy on New Digital Technologies in the newsroom for news production members from Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) and TV Africa at the New Media Hub from Tuesday 23rd September to Saturday 4th October, 2014. The 2 week training workshop trained nearly 50 participants and delved into details of what new digital technologies entailed with critical lessons provided on the understanding of concepts of applying cutting-edge ICT techniques to the news generation and dissemination process. From the very basic to the more complex, Participants were taught how to access, research and apply new digital tools as well social media network platforms in the news production cycle. Mimicking the newsroom setting, the participants were given practical guidance on the applications of new digital tools with each trainee taken through the steps and techniques of using the camera; taking shots or videos as part of the news gathering process. Also lessons on editing videos or digitally collecting data at the production level for publication was also undertaken. “After going through such thorough exposition in areas such as Online Journalism and Research, Using social media as news source, storytelling and research, Computer Assisted Journalism, User Content Generation, Writing for the web and Building your presence online, all of which are crucial to the efficiency of the modern day news dissemination process, our trained participants will start enjoying a totally exhilarating newsroom experience using new digital technologies”. Kwami Ahiabenu, II, President of Penplusbytes As a way forward, Mr. Ahiabenu, II, added that “Capacity building is not a one time event especially for an area which is quite new to most newsroom team members, so steps should be taken to make this training regular and beyond beginner level, an advanced level course which will focus on the key area of specialisation should be introduced as well.” Expressing his thoughts on the programme, Jonnie Ayeetey, Head of News, Ghana Broadcasting Corporation said, “My objectives have been accomplished; I have been well trained in online reporting and all the pros and cons about video editing. I believe this knowledge I have acquired is a new experience which makes me different from other journalists.” ABOUT Penplusbytes is a leading pan-African, not for profit organisation seeks to empower the media through the use of ICTs to promote high quality journalism while at the same time working in good governance and technology, new media and innovations, as well as oil, gas and mining. The Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) is both the name of the independent federal agency that oversees all U.S. civilian international media and the name of the board that governs those broadcasts. The Voice of America (VOA) is a dynamic multimedia broadcaster funded by the U.S. Government, broadcasts accurate, balanced, and comprehensive news and information to an international audience.

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