Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Innovation in Development Reporting Grant Programme (IDR)

Can you tell a development story in an original and unprecedented way? Is your story inquisitive and engaging? Does it combine critical thinking with good “old school” fact checking and an exploration of new technology developments?

If so, then pitch us the heart of your story.
Should we find your proposal to be substantial, innovative, or even visionary, we will contact you with a request to submit a full-fledged application.
Incomplete applications and mere news-gathering or news-reporting efforts will not be considered for funding.

There are no fees required for submitting an entry.
Only online application forms that are written in English will be processed. Please note however that the story pitches will not be judged on the quality of the language of the proposal and this will not in any way influence the decision regarding the awarded grants. All applications, regardless of the quality of the language used, will be given thorough consideration on the basis of the content of the story pitches.

Once your application has been received, you will get an email confirmation. Programme staff may contact you via telephone or email should they require more information about your pitch. All communication will be done in English.

Alongside of this open call for proposals, the EJC will also proactively solicit entries from selected news outlets in the nine eligible countries.


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