Monday, June 15, 2015

APPLY NOW: NFP and MSP (MENA) scholarships

NFP stands for Netherlands Fellowship Programmes (NFP), MSP stands for MENA (Middle East and North Africa) Scholarship Programme. NFP scholarships are available for 51 countries, MSP scholarships for 9 countries*.
You can only apply for a scholarship for your chosen course during the 'application window' for that course. The next round to apply for an NFP or MSP scholarship will be open from 2 June - 24 July 2015** during which you can apply for these five courses:
An NFP or MSP scholarship will pay for the full cost of your travel and visa (if required), accommodation and meals, insurance and the course fee. The NFP and the MSP scholarship programmes are funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and administered by Nuffic, the Netherlands Organisation for International Cooperation in Higher Education.
There are many more applications than there are scholarships available. Not everyone can apply for an NFP or MSP scholarship. Therefore, it is important that you meet all the RNTC and Nuffic criteria.
* The MSP is now open to applicants of Syrian nationality who are residing and working outside of Syria in one of the selected MSP countries. MSP is currently not open to applicants from Oman.
** Please note that the deadline for sending in your RNTC application is Thursday 23 July 12.00 C.E.T. Only then we can guarantee that we can evaluate your application and (if you are eligible for the course) can send you the link to apply in ATLAS; the online system for your NFP or MSP scholarship application. The deadline for applying in ATLAS is Friday 24 July 24.00 C.E.T. Support from our office is available until Friday 24 July 17.00 hours C.E.T. Also check the NFP and MSP application procedure

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