Monday, April 24, 2006

Training Journalists in Ghana for the Information Society

Training Journalists in Ghana on the Information Society
Ghana has identified Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) as an important tool for accelerated development. Towards this end, it designed an ICT for Accelerated Development (ICT4AD) Policy document, currently at its implementation stage, clearly articulates the vision of improving the quality of life of the people of Ghana and the modernization of the economy through the use of ICT. The main strategy for achieving this vision is to transform Ghana into an information and knowledge driven ICT literate nation.

This noble vision however requires that all sectors of the Ghanaian society be trained in the use and benefits of ICT for their individual lives. Journalists as the fourth estate of government therefore require special attention and more intensive training in the use and benefits of ICT for their work and national development. They also more importantly as gatekeepers of society and watchdogs of government need to understand policy issues surrounding ICT both at the global as well as at the regional and national level.

There is therefore an urgent need to train Ghanaian journalists in the area of Information and Communication Technologies. The International Institute for Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Journalism- Penplusbytes with support from the French Embassy in Ghana and GINKS is organizing a three day training workshop for thirty journalists from most regions of Ghana working in the print, electronic and online media. The workshop is designed to serve as a knowledge sharing platform for the media to understand key issues in the Information Society, New Medias impact in the newsroom; and provide an opportunity for the media players to develop new practical skills in using specific ICTs tools in the newsroom. Participants are expected to publish an ICT newspaper as an output of the workshop.

Kwami Ahiabenu, II the President of the International Institute for ICT Journalism said By focusing on these issues during this practical training workshop, we are filling an important gap in the implementation of ICT policy in Ghana while at the same time ensuring Journalists can learn about new technologies which they can apply in newsroom day to day operations.

The workshop is scheduled to take place from Wednesday 26th April to Friday 28th April at Busy Internet in Accra under the theme Training Ghanaians Journalists for the Information Society and it is expected to addressed by the His Excellency the French Ambassador to Ghana, Hon. Minister of Information and The President of Ghana Journalists Association.

Editor notes.

1. International Institute for Information and Communicating Technologies(PenPlusBytes)

2. The French Embassy in Ghana

3. Ghana Information Network for Knowledge Sharing

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