Monday, April 09, 2007

2007 International Journalism Exchange (IJE)

Deadline: June 1.
Open to editors who have worked in journalism for at least five years, are currently employed by a daily newspaper, and are proficient in English, but have little substantial previous travel to or training in the United States.
Principal editors of daily newspapers in developing countries are invited to apply. The five-week program begins with an orientation in Washington, D.C., followed by a four-week newspaper assignment that offers exposure to all the departments of an American newspaper. The program concludes with a two-day session in New York City that consists of professional group activities and the final evaluation of the program. The program dates will be October 8-November 7, 2007. Application deadline is June 1.
For more information, please go to:, or send email to Please submit your application to Program Officer Ms. Ting Wang, International Center for Journalists, 1616 H Street, NW, Third Floor, Washington, D.C., 20006, U.S.A.; Tel: +1-202-737-3700 ; Fax: +1-202-737-0530.

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