Monday, April 30, 2007

The Weblog Project

TheWeblogProject is the first open source, FREE, grassroots movie to promote and evangelize bloggers, the blogosphere, and their potential.

TheWeblogProject is conceived to be a completely different kind of movie, because featured stars, producers, fundraisers and actors of TheWeblogProject movie have all a unique trait: they are all bloggers.

We have no other agenda but the one of helping bloggers tell everyone else what this media revolution is all about.

TheWeblogProject is different from a traditional movie in several other respects:

* It will be distributed, FREE, via P2P and via the Internet Archive, under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

* It will be Folksonomy-enabled.

* It will be Open Source(d). Complete source footage will be distributed to all supporting bloggers (and not) for unlimited remixing.

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