Wednesday, January 09, 2008

How to: set up video for newspaper websites on a budget

In a three part article took a look at how to set up video for newspaper website on a budget
took a looks at :
-computer required for video production(memory, connectivity and disk space)  
-camera including options of using your mobile phone as a camera
- editing ( Windows Movie Maker and iMovie)
- Accesories ( Gorillapod and Maplin)
- Issues

took a look at :
- Camera ( There are two things to consider when you buy a camcorder. What does it record on to and how are you going to get it on to your computer?)DVD, Tapes, SD card, HDD,
- Editing ( Premiere Elments and Final Cut Express)
- Accessories
- Issues
took a look at :
- choice of camera
- editing
- accessories (tripod, sound and light)
- conclusion

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