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PIWA-Information Society Prize 2008 Haayo Prizes

Within the framework of its objective to strengthen journalist capacity on ICTs of the its "Haayo-Mediactic" (*
<> - *see below) project funded by the Open Society Institute West Africa (OSIWA), the Panos Institute West Africa (PIWA) is
launching a media production contest on ICTs. The contest is open to all  print and broadcast media journalists from West and Central Africa.
Journalists who wish to take part in this contest are required to     submit an article or an audio programme on the theme: « ICTs and     elections" ». Deadline to apply: March 15^th 2008.


* *

*1-1- Theme of the 2008 edition*

Journalists who wish to take part in this contest should submit an article or a radio programme on the keynote theme:

 *« ICTs and elections in Africa »*

The article or radio programme should focus specifically on one of the following issues:
-  the use of Internet during campaigns (« cybercampaigns", public
debate using Internet) ;
-  impact of Internet on campaigns and elections;
-  mobile telephony and elections ;
-  ICTs and elections' transparency (electoral file, voter card, data
transmission security, statistics);

-  ICT theme in election candidates' programmes.

*1-2 Modalities*


Journalists who wish to take part in this contest should send one or two articles or radio productions presenting an outlook on the issues
mentioned above. This outlook should be based on the presentation and analysis of situations, activities or projects in one or several
countries in West and Central Africa. Experiences of others African regions or continents can also be compared to West and African experiences.


Articles and radio productions previously published/broadcast (*at most 6 months ago*) can be submitted (except those that already won awards in
other competitions or those submitted to or produced for the Panos Institute West Africa).


*The articles should contain between 6, 000 and 9, 000 letters*.

*The radio production should be between five and ten minutes long and saved in mp3 or ogg format*. It should be processed and put together and
should not just be a simple report. Applicants should submit their productions to Panos Institute West Africa in digital format (CD, USB
key, electronic mail - no floppy disk) no later than 15 March 2008.

 Articles or radio productions can be submitted in French or in English.

*2. PRIZE*


PIWA will award three prizes to the best productions (written media or radio) in the contest.


*-** For Print Media:*

A cash prize of FCFA 1, 000, 000 will be awarded to the journalist with the best production;


*-** For Radio:*

A cash prize of FCFA 500, 000 will be awarded to the journalist with the best radio production. He or she will also be invited to a prize-giving
ceremony that will take place in Dakar, mid-2008, during a side event of a regional workshop organized by PIWA (date to be precised);


*-** Special Prize:*

A cash prize of FCFA 300, 000 will be awarded to the journalist with the most promising production (either for print media or radio).


The reference currency is CFA Franc. Prizes will be paid in CFA or converted in the local currency of recipients.

* *

* *



All applications should include the following:


- One or two articles in French or in English on one of the topics proposed;

- *OR* one or two radio productions in French or English between 5 and 10 minutes long


- A letter signed by the journalist to attest that

-         she/he is truly the author of the article(s) or radio production(s) sent;

-         the article or radio production was not awarded in other contests;


Please include adequate references if your article or radio production was previously published/broadcast.

- A detailed CV that shows, if need be, a list of previous articles or radio productions on ICTs (mentioning the newspaper/website where they
were published, the date of publication, etc.);

- A document attesting that the candidate is actually a journalist in a press organ.

 An acknowledgement of receipt will be sent accordingly, via e-mail and within 48 hours, to applicants whose files have been received.

* *

* *


 A panel of judges, made up of journalists and media and ICT experts, will assess the quality of the articles and radio productions.

Main selection criteria are specifically as follows:

-  originality of the subject / experience presented;

-  quality of analysis and line of argumentation;

-  quality of the article or radio production

-  adherence to norms/formats (6,000 to 9,000 letters for the articles, 5 to 10 minutes for the radio productions).

 *All applications must be sent by electronic mail to the two electronic addresses provided below*.

They may also be sent by post or deposited at the Panos Institute West Africa office in Dakar at the address provided below.

  *5. DATES*
 All applications should arrive at Panos Institute West Africa no later than *March 15^th 2008*.

Hence, it is strongly recommended to couple any dispatch by post mail with a submission via electronic mail to the email addresses provided

The results will be published on *31 March 2008* on the Panos Institute West Africa website; email notifications will be sent to all applicants.
A prize-giving ceremony will take place in Dakar, mid-2008, during a side event of a regional workshop organized by PIWA (date to be
precised). Only the broadcast media winner will invited to that ceremony.


* *


* *

*6-1 Publication rights on the articles*


PIWA will not return submitted productions to their authors. The authors accord PIWA the right to publish, for non-commercial purposes, the
productions received.The journalists whose productions are going to be published will be informed. They will still have copyrights on these productions.

* *

*6-2 Reservation clause on the awarding of prizes*


PIWA reserves the right not to award prizes if the articles submitted are not up to an appreciable quality, or if the number of responses
received is too low.

The decisions made by the panel of judges and PIWA are supreme and beyond all possible dispute. All participants in this contest implicitly
accept the rules presented in this document.

* *

* *



It is mandatory to send applications to the *two email addresses* below:

 Email: <> *AND* <>

The subject of your mail should be "PIWA media contest on ICT".

Applications may also, in addition, be sent by post mail to the following address:


Programme TIC

Concours « Prix IPAO - Sociétés de l'information »

6, rue Calmette

BP 21 132 Dakar Ponty

Dakar - Sénégal
If you wish to send your applications by post mail, please be sure to send it by the end of February (because of postal delays). In any case,
_only applications received by 15 March will be judged_.


For more information on this contest or if you are facing any problem for attached pieces or delivery, please contact Judith Lenti <> or Ken Lohento <> .

Tel: +221 33 849 16 66

 For more information on the first edition of the "PIWA-Information Society" Prize, please check .


*About the Haayo Project*

Haayo-Mediatic is an experimental joint project of the Panos Institute West Africa and the Open Society Initiative for West Africa (OSIWA).

The objectives of this project are the following:

- to bring into limelight issues around "media and ICTs" in West Africa,

- to bring into limelight innovative use of ICTs at grassroots' level;

- enhance the sharing of good practices and experiences in the media and
the ICT sectors;

- to consolidate the works of media reporting in the ICT sector in West

- to consolidate the role of the media as enablers of good governance
for the advent of open and developed societies in West Africa.

* *

*For more information, please check <>*


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