Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Online Journalism: Principles and Practices of News for the Web

Online Journalism: Principles and Practices of News for the Web will help students apply developing journalistic skills to the Internet. The book reviews basic principles of journalism (such as objectivity, fairness and accuracy) while showing readers how to put these principles into practice online. The book—a comprehensive, up-to-date look at the most relevant skills and issues in this field—presents a combination of broad conventions, basic technological information and practical applications. The author shows how the Internet can be used to take journalism in new, more participatory directions. He reminds his readers that technology will be increasingly important in the future and that Web operations will be an integral part of the newsgathering operation, but that journalistic principles and skills will still be at the core of what journalists do.

Highlights of the Book Include:

  • Four chapters that provide an overview of online journalism and its technical foundations
  • Five chapters that discuss actual practices of online journalism, such as designing Web pages, writing and editing stories online and using links in online stories
  • Two chapters that review the opportunities and challenges that online journalists will continue to confront
  • Numerous screenshots illustrating actual Web sites and reinforcing lessons from the text
  • A companion Web site that provides additional original content and links to references, sources, examples, online tutorials and more. Designed to enhance your students' learning, it will allow them to explore topics in greater detail. The site will be updated regularly with new and updated links.
  • An Instructor's Manual and PowerPoint presentation available on adoption.

  • Read the text of the review that appeared in the Spring 2005 issue of Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly.

    C O N T E N T S
    To the Student
    1 Introduction to Online Journalism
          What Is Journalism?
          Advantages of Online Journalism
          Types of Online Journalism Sites
          Evaluating Online Sites
          Beginning Your Journey into Online Journalism
          What's Next • Activities
    2 Tools and Terminology
          The Internet and the World Wide Web
          Digital Media
          What's Next • Activities
    3 HTML and Authoring
          HTML Standards
          Basic HTML
          Formatting Text
          Using Authoring Programs
          Putting Your Files on the Web
          What's Next • Activities
    4 Working in Online Journalism
          Creating Online Journalism
          Online Journalism Organizations: Three Case Studies
          What's Next • Activities
    5 Using Online Reporting Sources
          The Internet as a Reporting Source
          E-mail Related Sources
          Web Page–Based Sources
          Evaluating Sources
          What's Next • Activities
    6 Web Page Design
          Basic Online Journalism Design
          Principles of Design
          Using Text
          Using Color and Graphics
          Using Tables to Design Web Pages
          What's Next • Activities
    7 Writing and Editing Online
          Writing for the Online Reader
          Text-Based Online Story Forms
          Updating Online Stories
          What's Next • Activities
    8 Using Links in Online Stories
          Creating Links Using HTML
          Linking Issues
          Selecting Links
          Presenting Links
          What's Next • Activities
    9 Multimedia and Interactivity
          Types of Media Elements
          Advanced Interactivity
          Making Media Decisions
          Examples of Interactive and Multimedia Content
          What's Next • Activities
    10 Legal and Ethical Issues
          Obscenity and Indecency
          Linking Law
          Ethical Issues
          What's Next • Activities
    11 Opportunities and Challenges
          The Economic Structure of Online Journalism
          The Role of Online Journalism in Society
          Service to Underrepresented Communities
          What's Next • Activities
    Appendix A Common Text-Formatting Selectors in CSS
    Appendix B Common Positioning and Design Selectors in CSS


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