Thursday, June 12, 2008

New reader tool on online journalism review (ojr)

By Robert Niles: I wanted to let you know that OJR now allows its registered members to maintain individual blogs on

Just click the "Post Blog Entry" link near the top of the right navigation rail on any OJR page, to get started. You can find links to all the most recent reader-submitted blog entries under the "Recent Blogs" header on the right rail. OJR's editors and I will read all the submissions, then select ones to go on the OJR front page feed.

You can start a free blog just about anywhere on the Web, from and beyond. And many of you likely already have a blog. So why would you post anything on OJR?

It's simple: for the readers. A front-page post on OJR will reach several thousand readers via the website, our e-mail newsletter and RSS feeds. OJR readers aren't your average Web surfers, either. They include editors, entrepreneurs and bloggers at many top newspaper and independent news websites.

So, if you want to draw the industry's attention to some really neat new work from your shop, you want to comment on something you've seen in the industry that's bugging you, or you want to rant or rave about a new tool or widget you've tried, we think OJR provides a pretty good platform for you to do that.

Thank you for reading OJR, and, soon, I hope to thank you for posting here, too!

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