Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Trends in Newsrooms 2008 - Best practices for newsrooms in the digital age

The fourth annual report from the World Editors Forum, Trends in Newsrooms 2008, offers you practical solutions for the many challenges facing newspapers in the digital age, and defines guidelines for dealing with these challenges.

This year's report includes an in-depth focus on integrated newsrooms. In three dedicated chapters, you will find detailed case studies of some of the world's most innovative integrated newsrooms, as well as studies of non-integrated newsrooms that have streamlined their print and online workflows. The in-depth focus also features special debates between top-newsroom executives who have successfully led their newspapers to multimedia excellence.

The eight major trends covered in Trends in Newsrooms 2008 are:
1.    The integrated vs. the non-integrated print/ online newsrooms
2.    Complete media convergence: print, TV, video and radio
3.    The most effective means of training the new newsroom
4.    Taking advantage of User Generated Content
5.    Print reporters becoming video journalists
6.    Mobile journalism reconnecting the newsroom with readers
7.    Pure online publications
8.    New Fusion Design: Web pages inspire print and vice versa
Additionally, the report contains the second annual Newsroom Barometer, a survey about the state of newspapers in the digital age answered by over 700 editors-in-chief from around the world. The Barometer was conducted in conjunction with Zogby International and Reuters.

You will find the report's table of contents as well as excerpts and order forms at

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