Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Global Post - redefining international news for the digital age

GlobalPost is embarking on a bold journey to redefine international news for the digital age. To get there, we are relying on the enduring values of great journalism: integrity, accuracy, independence and powerful storytelling.

GlobalPost follows no political line. We encourage our correspondents to write with a strong voice and to work hard to unearth facts. But we leave opinion on the opinion pages.

We are proud to be an American news organization with a decidedly American voice. We also intend to seek out and tell the truth as we find it. To quote the great American newsman and foreign correspondent Edward R. Murrow, we aspire always to report the news "without fear or favor."

Around these principles, GlobalPost intends to build a community of top correspondents as well as a community of users of the site who share the need and the desire for quality news about the world. We invite you to be part of that community and to provide feedback on our coverage and actively engage in the site as a participant. New technology allows us to make newsgathering a more transparent process --a process in which our visitors are invited to take part.

We commit to you that all reporting on GlobalPost will be held to the highest journalistic standards and that we will always make every effort to offer reporting that is fair, intelligent, comprehensive and free of partisanship. We pledge to be courageous in the pursuit of the truth and to stand firm against forces that may want that truth hidden.

We believe in an old school tradition that correspondents should live in the countries about which they write. We believe this is the only way to deliver you the kind of on-the-ground reporting that matters, reporting that can make a complex place clearer and that can untangle complex issues in a way you can understand how the events happening in a distant corner of the world affect your life every day at home.

As a matter of principle, we are dedicated to broad coverage throughout the world and especially of those geographic areas that have been historically under-reported by the American news media. We are committed to reporting on world issues and events that are important to the national dialogue and to improving the conversation of our democracy in an increasingly interconnected world.

We, the Founders of GlobalPost, are also acutely aware of the fact that quality journalism in America is threatened more profoundly today than at any time in our history from an unprecedented combination of forces: the transformational power of technology and the internet, the dramatic erosion in the economic underpinnings of the traditional media, and a steady migration of the most devoted consumers of news as well as younger people to new content platforms, most importantly the web.

GlobalPost is a direct response to these forces. Our mission is to provide Americans, and all English-language readers around the world, with a depth, breadth and quality of original international reporting that has been steadily diminished in too many American newspapers and television networks. GlobalPost is at the leading edge of what we hope and believe will become a new flowering of journalism in the digital age, built around new models of financial support.

GlobalPost is a for-profit enterprise and we are proud of the fact that every employee and correspondent is a shareholder in our company. That is a rare opportunity for journalists and it's part of what makes our company unique. GlobalPost's financial support comes only from individuals of integrity who believe in our mission and we invite you to read more about them in the About Us section of the site.

We have forged a business model that includes three pillars of financial support. The first is online advertising. The second is the syndication or sale of our content to other web and print publications around the world. And the third, and most bold, is the creation of an elite community on our site through paid membership – or through a rewards system for frequent users of GlobalPost – which we have dubbed Passport You can click here to find out more about subscribing to Passport.

But whether you have three revenue sources or 30, there is no guarantee of success without the strong support of the users of our site. We hope you will join us here on GlobalPost often and see us as the first place you turn to understand what's happening in the world around you. We look forward to serving you and to hearing from you in the months and years to come.

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