Friday, March 12, 2010

Open Internet Reporting Fellowships

Sponsored by the G.W. Williams Center for Independent Journalism in partnership with New America Media

Applications Due: April 2, 2010, 5 PM PDT

The G.W. Williams Center for Independent Journalism and New America Media are calling for journalists working in ethnic and community media to apply for the Open Internet Reporting Fellowship. The fellows will produce a story, or a series of stories, documenting and explaining the threats to an open Internet and the impact on the communities served by fellows¹ respective outlets.
Each fellow will submit a proposal outlining an in-depth or investigative story or series of stories she or he intends to pursue, as well as a signed agreement by his or her publisher/producer to run the story or stories in their ethnic/community media outlet.

Fellows will receive assistance as needed with research, reporting and producing their stories.

NAM will disseminate stories produced by the fellows to ethnic and mainstream media partners and nonprofit collaborators through NAM¹s news wire. The G.W. Williams Center will also distribute the stories through independent media as well as its nonprofit partners.

All stories must be edited and approved by project editors before publication/broadcast and must be completed by June 30, 2010.

Fellows will receive a $500 stipend once the story or series has been published or aired.

For more information contact Linda Jue, director and executive editor, G.W.
Williams Center for Independent Journalism: 415/321-1733 or<>

>> Fellowship Applicant:_____________________________________________
>> Address: ______________________________________________________
>> Phone: __________________ Mobile Phone: _______________________
>> Email:____________________________________________________
>> Preferred Method of Contact _____________________________________
>> Ethnic Media Outlet of Employment:
>> ____________________________________________________
>> (If you are a freelancer, please specify the length of time you have worked
>> for the ethnic media outlet that will publish or
>> broadcast your work.)
>> Employer Address: ____________________________________________
>> Employer Phone: ________________________
>> You must provide the signature of your publisher or producer agreeing to
>> publish your story or stories to be considered for the Fellowship.
>> I, ___________________________, Publisher/Producer of
>> _______________________ media outlet agree to publish or air the story or
>> series produced by ________________ for the Open Internet Reporting
>> Fellowship.
>> Publisher/Producer signature __________________________
>> Date _____________________________
>> Please attach the following supporting materials to this form:
>> 1) A resume.
>> 2) A two-page proposal, describing the story topic, how you will research and
>> cover the subject, including the number of articles/broadcast segments and
>> approximate length, relevance to your audience, and tentative publication/air
>> date.
>> 3) Three samples of published or broadcasted journalistic work, preferably related to politics and policy. You can email links to stories.
The form can be scanned (with the publisher/editor¹s signature) and emailed in. Alternatively the editor/publisher can email agreement to publish the story directly to<>,
Attn: Open Internet Reporting Fellowship Please send completed applications to:

International Institute for ICT Journalism

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