Saturday, May 08, 2010

UK elections leads to a Record traffic for BBC website

As post-election events continue to unfold, we've just got some preliminary figures in for traffic to the BBC News website across the whole of yesterday, Friday 7 May. So, according to the data we have in so far:

  • We had 11.4m individual users to the BBC News website on Friday - approximately - so that breaks our previous record of 9.2m (that was on 5 November 2008 for the Obama election victory)
  • There were about 30m page views for the constituency results pages
  • Over 100m page views in total
  • About 6.5m page views to the election live page
  • The search for your result by postcode peaked at about 36,000 searches per minute, and we scaled it up to cope
  • The search by name peaked at around 36,000 searches per minute too
  • So a total of around 1,200 searches for a constituency result were happening every second at peak
  • The mobile election results pages had more than 1m page views
  • Finally, and the figure is still a rough one, it looks as though there were more than 9m requests to play video over the course of the whole day.
International Institute for ICT Journalism

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