Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Society of Environmental Journalists Excellence in Environmental Reporting

The Society of Environmental Journalists (SEJ) is accepting submissions for its annual recognition of excellence in environmental reporting. The awards honor journalists in seven different categories, including outstanding feature story, outstanding in-depth reporting, outstanding photography and best environmental book.
Journalists need not be environmental specialists to enter; reporters who cover other beats are welcome to submit their work on environmental topics. International journalists are also encouraged to enter, but if their work is written in a language other than English, they must include an English translation with their entry.
The fee for each submission ranges from US$40 for SEJ members to US$100 for non-members.
The winners in each category will receive US$500 in October at SEJ’s Annual Conference in Norman, Oklahoma.

Deadline to enter: April 1

Instructions for Entering:

FIRST: It will help us if you  REGISTER ON SEJ.ORG(Why?)
To access the entry forms, click on the entry forms below. If you register on SEJ.org and are signed in, your contact information will autofill. Please note that registrations are not automatically approved. SEJ will make every effort to approve your registration on SEJ.org in a timely way, but if you register after 11:00 p.m. Eastern time, you will most likely have to wait until morning to be approved.
Already registered? Sign in to enable autofill on your entry form. To reset your password, get help here. If you forget your username, email the SEJ office.
Below you will find the definitions and entry forms for SEJ's 2015 categories. When you have selected your category, prepare the materials you will need for entering. Once your materials are assembled, click the name of the category (below) to open the online form. Follow the instructions at the top of the form. Some fields have instructions written below them. Please take note of all instructions!
Materials needed:
• PDFs* or links to each story, commentary or photo
• Radio entries: MP3 files, 20MB max.
• Confirmation that your entry ran or aired during the contest period: 3/1/2014 - 2/28/2015, or that your book was published in 2014. **
• Broadcast transcript if you enter radio or television stories, or if your online entry includes audio/video components
• Broadcast run time
• Credit card for immediate online payment. (You can opt to send a check on the online payment site.)
Note: Cover letters are no longer required. If you want to include a cover letter, you can upload it along with other supplemental materials in the space provided.
* 20MB max file size. Multiple PDFs for one day must be combined. See Help with low-resolution or combined PDFs.
** Series that begin or end during the designated contest period qualify in their entirety.
If you are unable to reduce your file to 20MB, email Awards Director Chris Bruggers or call her at (502) 641-1844.

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