Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Indian Online Journalism (IOJ)

Indian Online Journalism started as a forum on August 24, 2000 at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/indianonlinejournalism. Versions of IOJ the website have existed eversince.
This website is part of the registered non-profit trust, Centre for Initiatives in Journalism's website. IOJ was launched as a separate website after a mishap; CIJ's domain name was taken over by somebody else.

Our immense faith in online journalism has led us to offer the journalism community in India and South Asia, a forum to recognise, understand, and to use new media effectively.
This website is maintained by Subhash Rai. He also moderates the forum as well.
Subhash started his online journalism career with ETOnline. After ET, he moved to indya.com as member of the news channel.
The next stop was at journalism education. The idea is to inspire aspiring journalists to understand and use online journalism techniques. Subhash, works for Frontline. He also teaches New Media at the Asian College of Journalism, Chennai.
Narayana A, a Ford scholar, is currently away in the United Kingdom. His contribution to the development of CIJ and IOJ continues.
Other involved in this project are: Lokesh, Anand Sukumaran, Satish Nandgaonkar, Joideep Sen and Parry Ravindranathan.
IOJ, we hope, will continue to grow as a community.

Objectives of CIJ:
- Orienting journalists to tap the potential of the Internet to sharpen their professional skills and to improve their productivity in reportage and in the newsroom.
- Organising training for journalists to improve their knowledge and skills.
- To create a database, both online and offline, exclusively for the benefit of journalists
- To conduct surveys from time to time of the representation of various social groups in the profession of journalism. And to organise special training for potential journalists from socially and economically backward sections.
- To initiate media-related research, the findings of which would help serve the profession and readers.
- To bring out compendiums and booklets with useful tips for the day-to-day working of journalists.
- Sensitising journalists to explore the full potential of journalism so as to make the profession an instrument of positive socio-political and economic change.


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