Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Today we feature, iTalkNews is a breaking news forum and a forerunner in a new kind of news journalism, where everyone can participate in current events.
What is “iTalkNews”?
This is a section where you can post your own articles. You can write on any topic as long as it relates to current events/news. If you think someone else has written a good story then you can also post a link to their page for everyone to see. Posting your article is simple: Just log in with your username and password, and submit your story. Articles will be posted on the main page and available to view for a significant period of time.
How does it work?
Blogging has ushered in a new era where anyone and everyone can write and publish news and opinions. Citizen journalism has sprung from the blogging phenomenon; this kind of democracy in journalism is great and overdue. The difference between blogging and citizen journalism is that the latter tries to preserve the accountability and factual accuracy that was present in your grandparents’ journalism and not always present in everyday blogs. On iTalkNews you can write and post news stories where you can build up your writer’s profile by storing them on your online portfolio. Other writers will then read and rate your stories by style and content. Through recommendations iTalkers themselves decide what stories get published to the main page. If you see something happen and you take a picture of it on your phone you can then post the picture on the site and relate the events as YOU saw them. It’s our world, our lives; write about them. Whenever you like.

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