Saturday, January 06, 2007

Moreover Technologies

Moreover Technologies is the premier provider of real-time news, current awareness and business information - pioneering the way online news is gathered, refined, categorized and delivered.

Moreover products are trusted by hundreds of leading organizations to deliver real-time current awareness and actionable news intelligence that drives informed business decisions.

Corporations use Moreover's technology solutions to stay competitive and increase their margins. Today's quickly evolving business environment requires that companies have the right information, all the time, to spot market opportunities, track industry developments and react quickly to announcements. Ultimately, Moreover helps every employee make better and faster decisions to stay ahead of the competition.

Moreover Technologies is a fully-owned subsidiary of VeriSign, Inc.
Changing the Nature of Content Distribution

Moreover has brought about a monumental shift in the nature of the distribution of news content. This shift effects the way news is delivered, used and purchased. Until Moreover, syndication rights were required to redistribute news content.

Unlike traditional content syndicators that resell proprietary information, Moreover's sophisticated technology continually scours the Internet to capture and distribute breaking news and business information from thousands of qualified, handpicked sources – including websites, weblogs and broadcast video and audio feeds.
Web Standards Pioneer

Moreover is a co-author of the RSS 1.0 standard and has been an outspoken proponent of XML ever since its founding in 1998. Moreover's flagship product, the CI-Metabase, is possibly the world’s largest XML database. This commitment to Web standards means that all of its products are extremely easy to integrate into other applications.

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