Thursday, May 08, 2008

Times online 'incorporates SEO in news'

The editor-in-chief of Times Online has claimed the site features complete integration between journalism and search engine optimization (SEO).

Press Gazette reported that at a recent digital seminar held as part of the PPA Conference in London, Anne Spackman stated that search engine Google is the main driver of external traffic to the site.

Web writers for the online news source currently undergo a newsroom search training process to learn about SEO - training which is of particular use to print journalists, she claimed.

Ms Spackman also explained that many journalists are using searches to learn more about readers' interests, partially by monitoring search terms that are entered into the site.

"Times readers are obsessed with house prices and road tax," she said, adding that this helps the newspaper tailor its online articles to audience demands.

Meanwhile, David A Utter of WebProNews recently claimed that SEO techniques tailored specifically to Google are most beneficial to companies looking to improve their search rankings.

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