Wednesday, May 21, 2008

tools and tactics for communicating your cause

Do you want to use multimedia, online or offline tools to advance your cause? Creatively and effectively? To reach the broadest possible audience?

Do you want to create and distribute audio programmes, comic books, posters and newsletters? Set up a website or a blog to champion your issue?

The DIY Communications toolkit from Tactical Tech offers a collection of tried and tested, accessible free and open source tools. The toolkit is designed for small and medium-sized NGOs, advocates, and citizen journalists to help them create and distribute content for their advocacy efforts while exploring the constantly evolving world of campaigning and communications.It contains a series of how-to's, hands-on-guides and tutorials that walk you through the processes of creating and distributing content for awareness raising and online activism.

DIY Communications for Citizen Journalists is divided in to four core sections

Over the coming year we'll also be adding sections on video and using mobile phones in citizen journalism. Please subscribe to the announcement list if you are interested in being kept up to date about when these sections are release.

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