Monday, June 15, 2009

2009 Bastiat Prize Competition- Online Journalism, Journalism

This year's Bastiat Prize opens on 11 May

IPN's Bastiat Prize for Journalism was inspired by the 19th-century French philosopher and journalist Frédéric Bastiat.

The prize was developed to encourage and reward writers whose published works promote the institutions of a free society: limited government, rule of law brokered by an independent judiciary, protection of private property, free markets, free speech, and sound science.

2009 Bastiat Prize Competition

This year, the Bastiat Prize has been expanded and includes a new prize for online journalism (including blogs and self-published articles).

Each prize has a different set of rules, and a different online entry form. Entrants are not allowed to enter both prizes in the same year.

Competition rules and further information are available by clicking on the links below:

Bastiat Prize for Journalism
(First - $10,000; Second - $4,000; Third - $1,000)

Bastiat Prize for Online Journalism
(One winner only, $3,000)

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