Thursday, November 08, 2007

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This posting was inspired by a posting from online journalism blog. According to online journalism blog , six essential books on online journalism come easily to mind :

  1. For a different angle on the whole shebang: Gatewatching by Axel Bruns: not the most famous of books - perhaps because it is so far ahead of its time. Gatewatching looks at peer to peer publishing, and non-traditional news organisations: the likes of Slashdot, Kuro5hin, and Wikinews, among others. An essential read for an insight into how news reporting can be organised completely differently. See also: Digitizing the News by Pablo Boczkowski.
  2. For an authoritative history: Online News by Stuart Allan: a refreshingly rigorous look at some of the most famous moments in online journalism - Rathergate; 9/11; Drudge. Helps supply the reality behind the mythology. See also: Online Journalism by Jim Hall.
  3. For an essential challenge to your basic journalistic values in the new media age: Online Journalism Ethics by Friend & Singer: poses the questions we should all be asking ourselves, and is brave enough not to supply the answer.
  4. For the definitive guide to citizen journalism: We The Media by Dan Gillmor: doesn't sit on the wall, but then Gillmor would be the first to point out that objectivity is dead.
  5. For a good introduction to the basics of writing for the web: Journalism Online by Mike Ward: now looking dated with its chapter on HTML but the fundamentals still apply. Bring yourself up to date with Convergence Journalism by Janet Kolodzy or Convergent Journalism by Stephen Quinn.
  6. For a guide to interactive storytelling: Flash Journalism by Mindy McAdams : covers the ideas behind good multimedia interactives as well as the practicalities.

Poynter also maintains New Media Bibliography
with a listing of some key book as well

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