Thursday, November 08, 2007

MEDIA - Website Management: web statistics and analysis

By Kwami Ahiabenu,II

Media organization operating in radio, Television or print area constantly going the process of monitoring the audience, this feedback process provides critical input for ensuring audience needs are met on an ongoing basis.

There are a lot of scientific and non scientific tools available for monitoring key audience indicators depending on the medium in question. As more and more media organization invest in online presence, it becomes very important to implement appropriate web statistics and analysis tools in order for them to receive feedback for the improvement of their web presence. There are a number of reasons why we have to undertake this website management process including, measuring return on our investment in the website (ROI) finding out why visitors to our site are coming from (geographical location), who are they, how much time they spend at our site, which site are they coming from, for advertising rates, which pages do they visit, other web traffic indicators, why they are visiting us and monitoring spam visit to the website. There are a thousand and one web statistics and analysis tools available on the market. Some of them are as simple as providing number of visitors to your site only (web counters); others provide statistics only to sophisticated ones providing the full range of web statistics and analysis. Because of the rising importance of web statistics and analysis, most web hosting services provide this as part of their offering. In addition to services which you must pay for, there are a number of free web statistics and analysis services on the web as well.

Most of these web statistics and analysis tools tend to use Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. The internet is a network of networks and based on this principle, each computer on this network is assigned an Internet Protocol (IP) address in order for it to communicate with other computers on the network. By using this IP address, the geographical location of visitors to a website can be determined and recorded for example.

In implementing web statistics and analysis tools, you have an option to make some of the result visible to the world at large or keep it private. For example, you can install ka web counter or map which is visible to all visitors to the site or you can make it visible thus its results are only available to the web administrators or persons with authorized access.

Web statistics and analysis tools can provide a very powerful tool managing your website. But like any other tool it comes with some inefficiency and inadequacy in its measurement. It is not a perfect tool therefore in making use of its results; these factors must be taken into account. By and large, website statistics and analysis tools are become very indispensable tool in web site management and you can not run a successful website today without making use of it.




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