Thursday, November 01, 2007

Competition : African Farmers’ Strategies for Coping with Climate Change Radio Scriptwriting

Developing Countries Farm Radio Network (DCFRN) and CTA are launching a scriptwriting competition entitled African Farmers' Strategies for Coping with Climate Change for African radio practitioners (broadcasters, production organizations, NGOs with a radio project, farmers' associations with a radio show etc.). Competitors are invited to submit a radio script on one of the following themes related to local adaptation to climate change:  

  • Water and soil management
  • Cropping strategies emphasizing drought-resistant plants
  • Livestock management practices
  • Fisheries and Agro forestry
  • Other (for original topics related to coping with climate change and not listed above)

To assist radio practitioners with producing the radio scripts, a climate change resource kit and a guide to writing radio scripts will be distributed to interested African radio practitioners.

Any of the following script formats can be used: interview, spots, discussion between two hosts, drama (with different characters), or a story (told by one or two narrators). Participants can use audio and/or script formats.

The material is to be prepared with input from local actors (and especially farmers). It must be between 500-1000 words, include background notes about the topic and production notes for broadcasters, and include references to information sources used to prepare the script ( i.e., farmers, agricultural institutions, NGOs, documents, etc.). For audio material, a full transcript will complement Mp3 or wav material.

Entries must be received no later than March 15, 2008.

The scripts will be reviewed by an international panel of judges. The top 15 entries will receive audio recorders. The winners will be announced in May 2008 and will be published by CTA and DCFRN. All entrants will receive feedback on their scripts.

If you want to receive more information and participate, contact Blythe McKay, DCFRN's Development Communication Coordinator at and Sarah Bel, CTA's Communications Officer at

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