Friday, November 09, 2007

Do you want to keep up to date with latest news available on the Internet, then you need a WidSet

Widgets for phones = WidSets  
Using RSS feeds, Widgets  help you easily access information as soon as it's available on the Internet by  pushing  updates from your favorite sites directly to you. What about having a RSS feed delievered to your phone, here comes WidSets  which is a mobile  service built on mini-applications called widgets to enable  users  receive their favorite web content straight to their  mobile phone on the move. Using  WidSets you can find news and information, stay in touch with email and blogs, play games, share pictures and more.
Questions ? the WidSet FAQ   provides some answers
A particular question of interest is How do I get started with WidSets?  which describe the process of using the service on your phone :
- going to widset website and creating a user account( user name and password)
- registering your mobile phone
-  text message is then sent to you phone with a link to the widset download page
after downloading the WidSets to your phone you can start using WidSets to get web content on your phone
You can also download WidSets directly to the phone when connected to the Internet or download widsets client to your
computer then transfer it to your phone using bluetooth, USB etc

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